Background: Open Up Guides

The Open Up Guides are a practical tool intended to support governments and their partners to share data for focused use in specific thematic areas, by helping embed open data as a central ingredient to providing better solutions to the most pressing policy challenges of our time.

The guides are designed to support strategic action, outlining the journey from data publication to impact. They identify key datasets, common standards that facilitate interoperability, and practices that a growing network of Open Data Charter adopters can implement.

The guides are peer-reviewed and are developed through collaboration that engages sector experts, data publishers and data users. The guides are grounded in practical evidence, catering to the differing needs and capabilities, while gathering learnings to make sure global norms are applicable locally.

Open Up Guides have been created for Anti-Corruption and Agriculture data; the Anti-Corruption Open Up Guide has additionally been piloted in Mexico, generating important insights on the country’s anti-corruption data assets and a governance framework that has been adopted by the government’s National Anticorruption System.

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