We would like to acknowledge Johannes Friedrich, Carole Excell, Francis Gassert, Aaron Kressig, Nancy Harris, Xiangyi Li, Angela Enriquez, Cynthia Elliot, Kelly Levin, Nisha Krishnan, Joe Thwaites, Greg Carlock, Kevin Kurkul, Molly McGregor, and Chris Reij at the World Resources Institute for providing key inputs and expertise in the development of this guide. Thank you to Laura Malaguzzi Valeri for helping us strengthen the methodology. We deeply appreciate the insights we received from Jennifer Doherty Bigara Rodriguez. We would also like to recognize Alan Hudson, Mareike Britten, and Liz Carolan for providing insightful comments during early consultations.

Also, the Center for Open Data Enterprise (CODE), with leadership from Katherine Garcia and Joel Gurin, contributed to the Climate Change Open Up Guide at several stages in its development. CODE led workshops to develop an initial approach to the Guide and identify high-priority datasets at COP 21 in 2015 and at the 2016 Open Government Partnership Summit. CODE and WRI also co-authored the initial draft of the Guide, which the Open Data Charter released as a consultation document for public comment in 2017. CODE’s work on this project was funded by the International Development Research Centre through the Open Data for Development network.

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