Case studies

Examples of where open data has been used to fight corruption include:

  • In 2015, Global Witness published an investigation uncovering the powerful military, government and narcotics actors benefiting from Myanmar’s jade wealth, and the way in which they are using a web of anonymous companies to hide their gains at the expense of the rest of the population. This was in part based on data made accessible as open data through

  • Ukraine’s public procurement system was once notorious for corruption and inefficiency. Since launching ProZorro, the country’s open source, open data e-procurement system the government has saved 14% on its planned spending (more than 300 million Euros) and seen a 50% increase in companies bidding for contracts - helping build business and citizen trust in the government process.

  • In Latin America, the PODER network have built the ‘QuiénEsQuién.Wiki’ platform that combines procurement information and company ownership information to support journalistic investigations.

  • Open Contracting Partnership have identified 150 suspicious behavior indicators, or “red flags”, that governments or civil society can use to identify potential corruption in procurement.

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