Purpose of the Measurement Guide
The Measurement Guide is not a new measurement tool by which Charter adopters will be marked on their progress. Instead, its purpose is to:
    Help governments inform, design, implement, monitor and re-engineer their open data activities, including data publication policies and improvement programs.
    Understand and engage with the underlying analytical framework and architecture of existing indicators.
The Measurement Guide will support:
    Governments during the Charter implementation process, to help them measure their progress in designing programmes that deliver their commitments and better formulate Charter adoption statements, including national and sub-national plans.
    Civil society and communicators to monitor progress of government open data policies/action plans and develop recommendations for improvement.
    Researchers and open data assessment practitioners to identify measurement gaps, improve current indicators, and develop new ones.
    Funders/donors to better understand existing measurement tools and improvements that they could potentially support in the future
Last modified 3yr ago
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